Valley Farm

Renfro Valley Farm


You want a horse farm with wooded, hunting land with marketable timber – and at a great price?  You want cropland and fields for grazing – at a great price?  You want a good location – and views to LIVE for?  Then you’ll want 1st crack at this farm. VIDEO and 100 images click here –  Renfro Valley Farm.

A true Legacy property – under the “Stewardship Forest” program. ‘not really sure what that means, but Ken does. 🙂

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425± acres, stream, ponds, woods, bottom land, barns, small house – perfect for entertaining your guests. Around $2000/acre buys this legacy property. AND some financing is available – maybe.

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I’ve been doing this  a long time 32 years this year and after you see some horse farms and hunting land – I still love real estate, I still love property, I still love horse farms and hunting land –  but after you see one after another, dozens after dozens, you can get to be where you’re not too impressed.  But once in a while the right horse farms and hunting land for sale comes up where you’ll be impressed enough to say,  Wow! and this is one of those horse farms – this is that Hunting land.  That’s no salesman BS that’s the real deal.  This place is fantastic now if you ever heard of Renfro Valley it’s the Kentucky State Music Center and Museum – proudly known as “Kentucky’s Country Music Capitol” – live music, kind of like a little Branson Missouri – it’s a country music capital and it’s just right down the road about 4 or 5 miles you are 4 or 5 miles to interstate 75. which will take you north right to Richmond or to Lexington and then of course it goes you up to Souix Ste Marie Canada – and goes all the way down south into Florida but anyway I 75 is just right over there, so you really close to everything. 15 minutes to grocery store in a real town a College Town – close to Eastern Kentucky University – they got everything in Richmond Kentucky.  Look it up –  they got restaurants and universities and everything so it’s a real town 15 minutes away for groceries and then you’re just what 30 miles I’ll put it right here 38 miles to Lexington so  you can  commute there.  This is a fantastic river bottom farm and its about  60 acres in these two fields here and there’s a creek it’s called the Clear Creek and you can see why when you see it. It’s very clear and it’s got a little house here now the house ain’t much, it’s two bedroom, one bath – a little old  farmhouse probably many families grew up in that in that house, but by today’s standards it’s in very good condition but it is still really small and probably not your dream house.  Perfect for a hired man, perfect for weekend place which is what these people use it for.  They use it for a weekend occasional use property they come up here turkey hunting, deer hunting, riding their four wheelers.

Now so you got 60 acres of bottomland that makes the most beautiful hay you’ve ever seen and then you got this level building site and land when you get to this next level.  And this is absolutely beautiful now so it’s not steep at all but it’s it gently rolls up and then it’s all flat back here and then there is a barn back here and everything so there’s probably another — guessing 30 or 35 acres up here.  You wanna talk about a building spot – holy moly!  Now there is a barn over there and I am going to show you and there’s a food plot that they put for deer and turkeys all over this farm and I’ll show you that.  Then what we are  going to do after that is we’re going to run up in these woods — they are spectacular there are other valleys, there are other building sites on the other side it’s just fantastic .

Big timber, a lot of big timber.  So if you wanted to offset some of the price of the farm you can sell this timber off and get a whole lot of your money back. I am going to guess about 25% of your money back just from selling the timber. Alright we will go up there so there that road there where the Clear Creek is just like we are saying and then the road becomes into the farm.  Well the farm is the house farmhouse and that barn is right down at the bottom of that hill that foothill. But I just wanted to show you we came up here a little bit back that’s all flat and what we call rolling – so it goes up it goes up and then come back down and come back up again and then there’s a tobacco barn that holds about 5 acres of tobacco if you’re so inclined to grow tobacco again some people are doing that around here.  It’s a popular thing because tobacco has gone up in value so much.

Can you just see the deer just walking right out here anyway you talk about a building site!  Whew!   Anyway it’s a real good building spot on this horse farm and hunting farmland. I am really impressed because it’s all cleaned. What’s woods is woods and what’s open is mowed obviously they are cutting hay here. They bush hog in the back there’s about five ponds – its 425 acres more or less and the price is unbelievably low.

It’s the perfect price so remember we talked about what’s open is open what’s cleaned is clean this is even the woods here some of the wooded sections it’s absolutely clean – look at that you can walk right through here.  What adventures you will have with this horse farms and hunting land woods now what I am going to do is I am going to show you the aerial which I am going to put it right here and you can have the aerial photographs and you are going to see what percentage is wooded what’s open and there’s trails throughout the whole farm just like this.  Now all these roads that are in here were cut in here  years ago by the seller and there has been a lot of money put in here and you get a dozer in here  and you put stones in here and you get a stone truck up probably not and you get transferred  into a smaller truck and it goes on and on the work and much of the work has already been done.

This Valley in here is amazing because if you were to follow this valley around if you were a deer or if you were water, you’re going to just follow that right on around its going to be right in the back of that barn  – which  is an amazing place for a pond and I mean you could put in an enormous lake there and this is just one of the spots here in the back on this horse farm and hunting land.  We are going to run up here – I will show you what that looks like that little valley in there and we are going to run up there through that little spot there is a trail actually in the woods – it’s not as steep as what it looks anyway just beautiful and like I said it’s all done for you.

Okay so we just came through that field and up through these woods through this trail which is all cut out all clean and yes, they have a Bush hog service here.  If you raise cattle you would be fine they will chomp and stomp all this down.   If you’re in the horse business – same thing.  If not, and you wanted to just own this for recreational land you are going to need the bush hog once or twice a year and he’s got a great guy to do it obviously doing a fantastic job now but it’s a real service.   It just runs a few thousand bucks for the whole place, so you are not talking about a lot of money – people spend big money — a lot of my friends go to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and Missouri and Arkansas, West Virginia the mountains to get views like this!

You can build a little  cabin up here – grab you a bottle  of wine and some cheese, bring your honey up here, your family have all kinds of adventures but this is the kind of view they’re looking for.  That’s all Daniel Boone national forest and it’s right here I mean you are right inside the forest with this horse farm and hunting land.  It’s not restricted so you can build a house you can build a cabin, you can sell it, you can buy it you can give it to your grandkids – whatever.   It is part of the national forest but it’s not restricted.   All the fields are just fantastic now-  there are just some steep parts of this hill you probably wouldn’t want to drive down there with your car but you all this here we are driving around in a Suburban and it got trails and roads everywhere. The bush hog guy is right over the corner there – he’s got a real operation there.

Any way just wanted to show you this – this horse farm and hunting land is just magnificent there is a cell tower way out there by the way I got perfect cell service out here 4G which is the fastest available right now.  I don’t know how long this video will be on the Internet so fast as AT&T.

Look at this this is just spectacular you have beautiful road going up in here we just came through with one of those side-by-side like a gator called the Polaris Ranger can’t say enough good about this horse farm and hunting land – again I’m impressed I want you to call, the price is unbelievable – it is priced right.  Call Land Man Dan, the number’s right here – you are going to be glad you called.  This is the right horse farm and hunting land for sale  property – it is for the hunter, for the farmer, for the horsemen, for the recreation person, this place is perfect.  Thank you for watching.

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