Kentucky Sustainable Farm Land

Kentucky Sustainable Farm Land

May 18, 2015
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Video Narration – I think you’ll agree not all Kentucky farm land is created equal.  So, some horse farms are beautiful, some sustainable farm land you just wanna build a house and garden on, high up on the hill and overlook your stuff.  Some Kentucky farms are cropland farms, some farms are just, you know, sustainable and small enough and they’re close to town. This Kentucky farm is kinda unique. Okay, now, take a look. It’s about as ugly as it can be this time a year and also it’s about as ugly as it can be with the corn in here, but, there is a secret to this corn.

I don’t know where the boundaries are here but I’m assuming it’s all this here. It’s 151 acres. I’m gonna put the picture of an aerial right here. Ok. So what this tells you is that this ground is good enough to plant corn on. Now where Cindy and I live, at our place, we don’t have any sustainable farm land that’s good enough to plant corn, maybe an acre or two here and there. It’s just beautiful, rolling pasture land which is great if you got horses. But this farm’s kind of got it all. Now it’s got this barn, needs some repair, you know, probably throw five or ten thousand dollars, 15 thousand dollars of that barn, you got a real big farm barn that’s in good shape. But if you take a look at these water towers. See that water tower right there and then there’s one right there?

You are really close to town. What are you, 2 – 3 miles to town? So you just go on right out here and then you’re on 152, make a right and you’re right in town, 2 miles maybe. So the schools are right up there.  Stores are right up there.  You got Walmart Supercenter, you got everything. You got some beautiful little shops in Downtown historic Harrodsburg. But, there’s no steep parts on this farm, no steep parts whatsoever and all this land is just rolling. You could put this in alfalfa. You could put this just in Kentucky blue grass. You could put this in corn.

So you’ve got income from corn and then build later. If you want a place where you can go out and maybe piddle around. You know we always think about who’s gonna buy this farm. Well maybe it’s a person who’s retiring and wants to just piddle. Maybe you’ve got a few horses. You’ve got enough land here and enough privacy where you kind of have it all. It’s gonna look really gorgeous here in just a little while. I’d say just a few weeks, 4, 6, 8 weeks that corn is gonna be up, it’s gonna be beautiful. Talk to Dan about the details on that. But anyway, it’s a real nice place, real close to everything. Enough rambling. Let me show you some more. But take a look at the neighbor’s horse farm – so you can see exactly what your place can look like. All that green grass. We got tons of water here if you’re looking at this from California.  We get about 1” of rain per week on average.

You see, we’ve got lush. We’ve got water. We’ve got lush green grass on our Kentucky Farms. You know, we’re fine. Okay, now what I’m gonna tell you about this. So not only is it close to town, but on this far side over here, and I don’t know, I think it’ right down there, you’ve got a half a mile on the Salt River.

So talk to Dan about the details and I’ll show you the aerial here. Again I don’t know where, where the lines are. There’s a little corn crib there and then there’s that big barn in the back. Barn needs a little bit of work but it’s in good shape. Good enough to work with. Okay. So you’ve got good equipment storage or something for your horses. But can you imagine, all this ground here looking like, looking like that, looking like the neighbor. Well you can have it look like that or maybe you want to do some corn and some hay and that sort of thing. Again, you might have alfalfa needs. So, if it grows corn, most likely it’ll grow alfalfa. Sustainable farm land Great town, 2 miles. Great place, 151 acres.  Come see how beautiful this part of Kentucky really is. Thanks for watching.

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