Organic Sustainable Farm

Organic Sustainable Farm


I am VERY excited about this listing we just got – this Artist Retreat has a Mother Earth News – Organic Sustainable Farm feel to it – and was built with passion – you can feel it being here.  AWESOME area of Kentucky – enough outside of town, yet close to shopping, Lexington and Frankfort – but out in the Country.  Artist Retreat on Sustainable and Organic small farm in Kentucky

This small, organic farm is NOT on the MLS yet – won’t be till this week, so you get first look at it – before it goes to the public.

It is just under 2 acres, passionately-built, handmade house and is priced extremely well at $150,000.  (with a new loan, that is about a $695/mo payment 3.75%, 30 yr fixed – rates as of today). With approved credit.Artist-Retreat-Organic-Farm

I will get the 30+ pics up on our site this morning – if you are serious about properties – like I am – you’ll want to see them all — and before anyone else does!  :-)

Talk to you soon!  Ken Garcia 859-494-5521  Have an awesome Sunday!  (and send this to a friend or feel free to share on Facebook)

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Artist Retreat Sustainable Organic Farm for Sale Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Here we are today at 1384 Talmage Mayo Road, an Organic Sustainable Farm. This is just a little country road. It basically goes nowhere. This is the subject property – an Artist Retreat in Kentucky. Wait until I show you this. So you go out this way and you’re right at 127 which is a big deal. It has 127 yard sale and thing. Make a left and there’s a little country store. Make a right, there’s a little Amish country store, bulk foods. That’s awesome. You’ll love that. I mean literally you could ride your bicycle there. Make a left and you’re at the Beachwood Parkway which is the blue grass parkway which is an interstate type of road…takes you to Lexington or you could just take 127 all the way up to Frankfort…lots of jobs. 75 percent of the state’s workforce works in Frankfort. That’s kind of cool and that’s just maybe half an hour or so from here. Make a right and you’re in Harrodsburg in about ten minutes and Danville KY in another ten minutes. So, close to everything. But anyway, this is a cool, cool Artist Retreat.

Now, remember that song back in the 80’s or whatever, “where is the love”? No, I’m not going to start singing, I promise. But you know, “where is the love” right? Well this house you can see love everywhere. This is hand built for…the son built it for the mom who loves to garden. So who’s gonna buy this place? Someone is going to buy this place who’s an artist, someone who likes gardening. It’s all organic. Who’s gonna buy this house? Someone who’s an artist but it’s a funky house. You want unique and unusual properties? Well that’s why you come to bluegrass team right? So this is a unique and unusual property. Someone who is into gardening; it’s all organic land on this Artist Retreat. The coolest thing about this property is it’s almost 2 acres. They’ve used every square foot of this property for vegetables and things. You’ve got tomatoes. It’s the end of the season now. We’re in October but you still got tomatoes here and you’ve got trees planted everywhere. There’s grapevines planted in the back. There’s fig trees in the back. Wait till you see all that stuff. They’ve got chickens here and everything. So you’re out in the country…its own agricultural residential which means you can have stuff like that. Okay. No restrictions against that stuff. So if you’re coming in from the city or coming in from a place where they have restrictions in the neighborhood and that sort of thing, we don’t have that stuff here. You come on here, you can have a horse, you can have a cow, you can have chickens, you can have what you want [00:02:19.12] Inaudible that is all agricultural out here. And there’s the view across the street. Very nice. Out in the country, relaxing. So I got to tell you a lot of things done right here. It’s the drain here. They’ve got a fish pond with the recirculating so it’s got a little water flow. This is the front door and this is kind of neat when you go in there. Look at this cox comb going like crazy. These people really know how to garden. And look, this is at the end of the season. Can you imagine? I don’t know what the Latin name is but I’ll put it here but we call it cox comb and here we’ve got a two car garage and it’s got the chicken coop thing and everything. Here let me show you what I’m talking about. Using every square foot of this property. They’ve got great finds back here between the garage and the property line. Absolutely delightful to see people using square footage like that. I mean why just mow it or spray terrible chemicals or something like that when you can grow food? Right. Well that’s what these people are about. They’re locked on that. Look at this. See you’ve got this little deck here of privacy. There’s no wind in here. Look at this for some wine maybe. You come out here with some outdoor speakers. You have some stuff going on with this nice little deck between the two components of the house. But you know they were herbs or something growing in that. That’s kind of cool. Here are the grapes. Oh man. And I don’t know what in the world…they must’ve grown peppers in here too because they’re some peppers so they must’ve grown peppers in with the grapes. Oh these are grapes for sure. Look at that. How pretty and organic too. Look at that. Now, these are figs. Check this out. Now, figs, it’s not that unusual to raise figs here. You’ve got to cover them or something in the winter. Well obviously you’re not going to cover them this big and look what this is. If that is…if that is, it’s still all fig, which it looks like the same bark, that’s some serious tree action. Look at that.

So anyway, the figs are so delicious you can’t even imagine. I’m probably going to steal one of these grapes. So there’s great finds everywhere and then, check this out. Instead of having a side yard that you don’t know what to do with, they’ve got the largest picnic table on earth. This was in the Guinness Book of World Records and it’s the largest picnic table on earth. It seats like 47 people. It’s not going to be taken away by anyone anytime soon. It’s all 2 by 10’s and 2 by 12’s. That thing must weigh 500 pounds. Anyway, beautiful picnic table and this little play house and raspberries or blackberries. I’m not sure. And more figs. How cool.

So it’s all about the love right. Look at here in the garden you’ve got stuff still coming up. I don’t know what it is but stuff and more raspberries or blackberries here. And look here on the side. This, just landscaping everywhere and then there’s a big garden back there. We’ll have to show you all that stuff. Come on.

So do you remember Mother Earth news? It’s still out there but it was a whole movement back in maybe the 70’s and 80’s about getting back to the earth right. It was the beginning of what’s now known as the green movement. It was some really cool stuff. How to be self-sustaining. It was cool before organic and self-sustaining was cool right. So Mother Earth news, this place reminds me of that so much. So you’ve got the little woodshed growing back there. They’ve got dill growing here still. There’s onions or garlic in there. There’s asparagus. I know to some people it might just look like weeds but to the people that really know and understand, this is a compost pile. That’s the good stuff right there. That’ll grow anything. And there’s a peach tree here. They have used every square foot of this property. You got some chickens back here. Nice and good and organic…good tasty eggs for you. You got another little section behind the garage here with all wood in here. So cedar actually. Gosh that smells so good when you burn it. They’re catching rain water. This is the Mother Earth Artist Retreat house I’m telling you. You want a sustainable place, you want an organic place, you want a garden. It’s just under 2 acres so it’s easy to take care of. It’s not gonna drown you like 10 or 20 acres and the price is right. Lot of square footage. Ken priced this right with the seller so that you could move right in. Sell your place in the city. Come out here in the country. Make your own line. Grow your own food. Wait until you see the inside. It’s all about love; you’re gonna see it. It’s evident everywhere.

You want to see the inside. A property like this you’re gonna want to be…spend a lot of time outside. You want to see the outside but of course you wanna see the inside. Come on in. So this is fiberglass or vinyl door. Kinda nice this is. I think it’s laminated so it’s nice and you don’t have to worry about dirty shoes and that sort of thing. This, believe it or not, with crystal chandelier and all, is just the porch or whatever you want to call it, airlock or whatever. How pretty. So the rest of the house…why don’t we go inside.

It’s decorated lovely so it shows love, it shows care. You want to move into a house that’s been well cared for. It’s only about 7 years old I believe Ken told me. Seven years old built by the son for the mom and the grandma because they love their family. And it’s built. It’s funky and that’s what you’re gonna like about it…that’s what I like about it. Gosh, how many subdivision houses do you see over and over again where I can tell you all the rooms are so and so and everything. It’s so boring. This is unusual. You want something unusual, something different, something unique right. And it’s done well. I mean it’s not like funky and done weird. It’s like funky and cool; like an artist would live here. Got a wood stove in here and I can tell you it wouldn’t be long. You don’t have to make much of a fire. It’s gonna be blowing over and everything and it will keep you warm. Plus it’s got central heating air. Of course it’s got all that stuff. Hard wood floors.

So this is the living room right. How nice. And then this is the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances. Very cool. Got an extra refrigerator there in the corner. So when you have a place like this, you have canning and you have freezing and you have food that’s coming in all the time because the land is giving you food like it’s supposed to. We’re not supposed to have to drive to Kroger to have to pick up food. We’re supposed to be able to grow some of our food. This is the kind of place. This is also the kind of place you can raise some chickens. You can raise some meat maybe. And you’re not very far from a lot of Amish and Mennonite communities – where they’re good butchers. Lot of German butchers in the area too. So if you wanted to put up a pig for the fall or get a cow a year, that sort of thing…I know we do a pig…we do about a 300 pound pig that lasts us for year or two. It takes a long time. And you know, you can buy that stuff. We just did a 305 pound pig and it cost us $350 processed, everything. Sausage, ham, everything. So, here’s another fireplace. So when you live out in the country like this and you can make some of your food, you’re definitely living a higher quality of life and it’s cheaper. And you know what your food’s got. There’s the ginormous picnic table. But you know what’s in your food. This lady tells me there’s nothing been on this farm forever so it’s got that organic thing going on. I don’t know if you can certify it organic. If you wanted to we could certainly tell you about it and how to do that.

That’s a closet, little kids room. And then this is very nice. It’s all tumbled marble here for the shower, washer-dryer.

I love to do these walk-through tours for you because then you know exactly. See you’ve got high speed out here. Imagine you’re out in the country. You’ve got high speed internet and you’re just a couple miles from jobs, shopping, that sort of thing. So master bedroom up here and the door is open to show you the master bath en suite. I try to speak at least a little French in every video so you think I’m intelligent. Is it working? Am I bluffing you? Walk-in closet. This I wanted to show you. Where’s the switch? It’s here somewhere. But anyway, it’s ginormous. It really is walk-in. Look at that. And what did I want to tell you about up here? There’s something I needed to tell you. Oh the tray ceiling, very nice architectural touch…vaulted ceiling, nice. Is this house funky? Is this house unusual? Yeah absolutely. This is just beautiful. I get the warmth. I get the warm feeling being in here. Anyway, I can just see a lot of people talking and eating and all that stuff. Another thing, here’s that garden with vegetables and herbs and things like that right out there.

Alright guys. Here we are 1384 Talmage Mayo Road. I need you to call Ken about this Organic Sustainable Farm. The phone number’s right up here. And why do you need to call Ken? To come look at this property. Take it off the market. If you love it like I do…I tell you, I would seriously really move in here to this Artist Retreat. You need to take it off the market before somebody else does. Other people are gonna be showing it. You’re gonna get first crack at this property before it goes to the general public on the MLS because you’re on our exclusive buyer list. If you’re not on our exclusive buyer’s list, there’s the box. Fill in your name and email. No, we don’t share it with anybody and it’s a one-click unsub so just fill out your information there and you’ll be alerted first of properties, just like this, just like our list does. So our list is gonna get these pictures two or three days before it hits the MLS and the general public.

Thanks so much for watching. Ciao for now.  Come out and live the artist lifestyle. Live in freedom. Low cost living, high quality life, right here in Kentucky. It’s a beautiful place. So close to Lexington. All the horse farms. Oh my gosh. Come for a visit. We’ll show you around and bring you up to this property – move in here to this Artist Retreat.  Toodles.

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