Kentucky Horse Properties Sale

Kentucky Horse Properties Sale

Kentucky Horse Properties For SaleKentucky Horse Properties For Sale

I bet 90% of the clients we help are from out of town – we speak your language.  And most of those clients want to look at Horse Properties for sale in Kentucky.  This working horse farm actually has a fully operating Cattle Farm and Alfalfa Hay operation as well.  Kentucky Horse Properties for sale or Cattle Farm 126 acres.

If you are looking for a Horse Farm or Horse Property, you’ll want to at least look at this Horse farm and what it offers.  5000+ sf Passive Solar brick house – that is built like a tank.  Insulated Concrete Forms were used, then walls poured of concrete, then bricked on the outside.  The house is tight as a drum and with the Passive Solar part (BTW, passive means just that – you don’t need to do anything – no pumps, panels or work to do), the utility bills are silly low.  Would you believe $150-$200/mo —- some months as low as $100. for everything?  Heat, Air, appliances, water heater, computers, etc?

Next, let’s add Privacy, walk-out basement with it’s own entrances, garage, etc – Home Theatre, pool table, full bathroom – then let’s add Income – the farm income on this Horse Property is significant.   call Ken 859-494-5521

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There are several neighbors willing to cash rent the property or share the hay crop with you if you are
not inclined to work the soil. Most of the pastures have been improved with Max Q, Orchardgrass or
Alfalfa and produce plenty of hay and maintain grazing animals in top condition.   Fifty acres will be put
into a new crop of alfalfa this year unless the buyer wants to plant another crop.  The farm is fenced and
cross-fenced.  There is a 2 inch water line that runs the entire length of the property.  The soils drain
well and test high in phosphorous and potash.  The alfalfa and improved pastures attract deer, turkeys
and quail.


  • 2 inch city water line from road to rear
  • Free internet and phone over internet service (valued at $1800.00 per year)
  • Lifetime warranty on energy efficient Gilkey windows and doors
  • State of the art advantium oven, GE Profile main oven and apartment has GE profile smooth top
  • convection oven
  • Fenced and cross fenced
  • Greenhouse and dog run
  • Water available in about every pasture
  • Additional land may be available for purchase or lease
  • Gray water tank from wash water with irrigation line set up for garden and orchard
  • Bearing apple, peach, pear, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry
  • Buried propane tank (owned) piped to two fireplaces, one gas logs, other gas starter can be
  • converted to logs but is wood burning insert, also piped to sealed burner cooktop and gas grill
  • location on porch
  • Porch reinforced for hot tub
  • ]Stained and scored concrete floor in basement with Styrofoam insulation underneath
  • Masterbath whirlpool tub with inline heaters
  • Heated towel rack
  • Pool table available
  • Insulated concrete form with full brick provides high level of energy efficiency
  • Passive solar design
  • Extensive closet space
  •  1200 ft of newly installed board fence
  • Kentucky River frontage
  • Safe room doubles for storage closet
  • All oak custom built cabinetry
  • Solid hardwood floors
  • 18 ft ceilings in kitchen, great room
  • 9 ft ceilings every where else
  •  2 wall size handpainted murals
  • Tremendous views from every window
  • High pressure sodium spotlights cover pasture area from house and barns
  • Material under driveway prevents gravel loss
  • Heated “jug” waterer

Waterfront Passive Solar Home on 126 acres on the Kentucky River frontage. Brick two story home with full finished walkout basement. Four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and one half bath. Very spacious rooms. Gourmet kitchen with double oven. Hot Tub. Deck. Two heat pumps with zoned air conditioning. Apple, pear and peach trees. Formal dining room and eat-i kitchen. This house was designed/positioned for capture of the sun’s energy. Solar was not an afterthought here. Extreme view- you will never find another like it! Wonderfully large windows. Barn has an apartment in it! Barn/stable very functional – great horse property.

There are several barns that are open and can be outfitted for cattle, horses or equipment and a coverall
for all your hay or equipment storage needs.  There are several local contractors that could construct
you r dream barns in very short time.  Fence posts are easy to set in the deep soil layer.  There is a 2”
waterline through -out the farm with water available in every field.  The farm includes its own highspeed
wireless internet tower and equipment.  You won’t need to worry about using satellite for internet
access, instead you will have free wireless internet over the entire property and free internet phone
service as well, but you won’t have to maintain any of it!

One of the barns contains an apartment with two bedrooms, eat-in kitchen and large living room.  It is
the perfect place to oversee foaling.

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Kentucky Horse Properties for sale – Passive solar house, horse barn with apartment, income property.

Everything is about location, location. So I am going to show you this Kentucky Horse Property, but we have to see what is around it first. This is not the property but I want to show you where the location is. This is here on the highway on 127. 127 has the longest yard sale in America. You got two lanes on each side and it’s what they call a class three highway which is almost like an interstate quality. So anyway, this is one of your neighbors. We’re going to go up here and make a right and then we are going to go Dunn lane which turns into Mundys Landing where the property is.

I use to do these location videos all the time and then I got away from it but this location is so exciting and I’ve got to tell you, this is an Amish food store here so they’ve got bulk foods and great sandwiches and that sort of thing.

That incredible cow palace, that cow barn that we saw over there, it’s part of an 8000 acres farm and some of that is available to buy as well. The fellow passed away and it’s in tiptop shape and it’s some of the best farm land in the state. So if you’re interested in a large farm give us a call for that as well.

Here’s another house. Everything is as neat as a pin. When they fly flags out front then you know you have a neat place. When you want to buy a Kentucky Horse Property – you want quality around you.

Here’s another neat place that we actually looked at to buy about 25 years ago and it’s about 120 something acres as well. Then there is a bigger place here in the back. It’s a training facility and I’ll show you some of that information when we get up here by the sign. There’s that training facility. It’s called Equus Academy. It is a gated thing and I’m not sure what they do but there are a ton of horses on the field. And then the horse barn, there is like a training facility, a riding arena, indoor riding arena and that’s right here.

Okay. So now we’re getting to the driveway, right here at the end. This road ends about less than a mile maybe into the Kentucky River – which is kind of neat! So this is not part of it. This is just the driveway in, and Ken can tell you how much of it goes to the left or you can look on the plat. I’ve got an aerial photograph. Wait till you see the alfalfa. I’m going to get out here and show you.

There is the house by the way — if you’re wondering, well my goodness when am I ever going to get to see the house – there’s the house. It is an uncommonly secluded and private property. You’ve got this whole alfalfa field here. You’ve got this whole alfalfa field here and then there some grazing pasture lands and then there is more crops and then eventually you hit the Kentucky River.

More and more alfalfa. Here’s more pasture over on this side. Everything is fenced because they have animals here. So you’re fully fenced but this is the money here if you’re looking for rental income, farm income, alfalfas is where you want to be. It brings a premium price here because of all the horses. There is the alfalfa and some of it is almost to your knee. So, you know, we’ve had a very nice year this year. Alfalfa doesn’t like its feet wet so you’re up high up here. So if you’re growing alfalfa you know there are no issues of being wet or marshy. But anyways this alfalfa is good and strong and worth a lot of money.

Talking to the owners and they said it’s like living in Tuscany and of course you can see why. Wait till I give you a shot off the front porch. It’s pretty amazing. Now the closest house, you want to be private but you don’t want to be removed. There’s a house right there just to the right of that barn okay. Right there. There’s a house right there. So you know people can watch your place if you’re away and that sort of thing and of course you have an alarm system. There’s high speed out here and all that stuff. Where else you can buy a view like this, for this kind of money?

We’ve got friends in California. They send me listings. It’s just amazing. For the price of what they’re getting a three bedrooms, two bath, 1500 square feet and their neighbors I swear to you are like three feet on either side of the property. Three feet. I mean if you hollered at your dog they could hear every word you’re saying. For that same price, you can have this house which is built like a tank. It’s insulated concrete forms and then brick on the outside. By the way you’re looking at 5000 square foot house. The total electric bill on this house is like $165 all year round. That’s for everything: heat, air, appliances, clothes dryer, the whole deal, computers, TVs. For the same price you can have this and 125 acres with income. This is all income property. So they rent this out to horse people. There’s a horse barn over there. They lease out the alfalfa to the farmer. There’s a farmer right across the way and then there’s a little rental house off by the barn. So I’m going to show that to you too.

Okay enough about the location we’re finally here at the house. It is my sincere pleasure to show you this property because it’s fabulous. I mean the location. I’m all about the views and the privacy and everything and that’s how we live. We don’t have any neighbors; can’t really see any houses from our house. Well here you are, 125 acres and I’ll give you a complete 360 here and you can see how private it is.

This is crazy, absolutely crazy. Tree here I’ve got to walk around. Now just to the right of that gate, you see that? That’s a house, a house right out there. So you can see that house but it’s in a different county. It’s actually on the other side of the river. I don’t know how you get to that particular house but this road, Mundys Landing like I mentioned to you, comes down here and ends at the river. Well then, there used to be a landing there and that’s where the barges would go across and Mondies Landing continues on there but it’s in Woodford County. Woodford County is where William Shatner, remember Captain Kirk, William Shatner lives and he has a big horse farm and everything. Anyway, it’s all gorgeous out here. This is Harrisburg Mercer County and you’re in for a treat because the house is super-duper cool.

So what makes the house super dupe cool? It’s built with a Geothermal Heat System which means it pulls the energy from the ground. We just did another one of these yesterday which if you subscribe to our videos you’ll know about. Anyway, this is over 5000 square feet. I’ll put the exact number right there and it’s total electric. So your one bill covers everything from TV to heat to clothes drying to cooking to cooler and believe it or not, 165 bucks a month to heat this whole place. This is made with insulated concrete forms so you’ve got. I’ll show you picture of it and put it right here. Okay you see that? It’s a Styrofoam then full concrete and then Styrofoam and then they put brick on the outside of that. So how crazy is that? So it’s built like a tent. There’s a little powder room right here. So just a little powder but of course this is, this is my favorite room. I mean you’re looking at the kitchen, you know I like to cook. Look at the views. Incredible views. Look at this mural. So the mural is about farming. The place was built like Tuscany and you can see why. Not only does the house have a Tuscany feel but the views are very ‘Tuscanesque’, ‘Tuscanesque’. I don’t even know if that’s a word or not. I’m making words up as I go along. Anyway there’s the view and there’s the horse barn. Wait till you see those stalls. I’ll give you a sneak peak right here. So you’ve got high ceilings maybe nine, something like that, eight and a half, nine feet and then another eight or nine so you’ve got almost twenty foot ceilings here. If I know I’ll put it right there. But it’s definitely high, my ceilings are definitely sixteen feet in my house and these are way higher.

Wow, the details are just beautiful. Now if you’re going to use this for primary residence, fantastic. You’ve got high speed. You’re what ten, fifteen minutes to a town with a hospital and you’re thirty minutes or so to Lexington. I’ll put the exact numbers here. You get FedEX and UPS everyday out here. If you are going to use this for like a family compound, this house has got tons of room. So you see what the ground floor looks like so far and then you’ve got a full upstairs and full walk out basement too.

Look at these views. Privacy everywhere. Put hot tub, fire pit. You can still invite the neighbors if you want to but you don’t have to worry about them complaining about sounds. This is what I consider the master closest, or the master bedroom so you’ve got a nice walk in here and then the bathroom, the ginormous bathroom, the bathroom with the twelve or fourteen foot long vanity top. Oh my gosh, it’s huge. Let’s count it here real quick: 1, 2…10,11,12,13 tiles, twelve inch tiles. So you get a thirteen foot vanity and it’s a solid surface. How nice is that? Walk in shower and then the Jac tub. See you’ve got something for everybody. You like to soak; it’s a two person tub. If you like to shower, you got that to. And then another closet. Oh so let me show you this. So this is like a regular depth closet and then the walk-in so you can have his and hers or whatever, right.

Now this door, this goes down to the basement. I’ll show you that later. Alright so let’s go on upstairs. I get to see a lot of houses. I get to see a lot of nice houses. What I like about this house is this huge open floor plan for entertaining and then I’ll open up here too. So these people, look at this. There’s a lot of cool architectural details here.

These people are business people. They work here, work out of their home. So you have a small office, home office and this is where they work. That’s all you need. And then look at the views here. Check it out. That’s not too bad. Nice commute to work too, just come up the stairs. I don’t know if you can see the horses out there or not. Those are Frisians. So you’ve got a bedroom here and a bedroom over there with the Jack and Jill deal, so, bathroom in between. This is a teen room. She’s an artist. We’re going to leave that alone. It’s not anything bad. It’s just a little, she’s been painting so there’s paint and stuff all over the place. So and then this is the other bedroom and this one has got a little sink in it which is nice and then the Jack and Jill bedroom or bathroom. This is really big. This is a big bedroom; could use this for anything.

Well you know this is another one of those properties that’s got way too many cool that have way too many cool details for me to even discuss that with you in a short video. So just call Ken and come and take a look at the property. I want to show you this lower level so you’ve got, you’ve got a one bag garage here. Okay so this is the lower level which used to be like a man cave. Not a man cave anymore. This is actually a family spot. So you’ve got a full bath here, walk-in shower. I guess shower or tub? Tub. A hopper, sink and it’s one of those big, ginormous sinks, a closet and then all the room in the world. It’s carpeted so it’s quiet. It’s stained concrete under here and so you can pull the carpet up if you don’t like carpet. It’s really nice. It’s like that burbur sculpted stuff. It’s real kind of pretty and then you’ve got a home theater over here. So you can talk to Ken about what stays and what doesn’t, what you can negotiate, but you’ve got the projector there, surround sound deal and you’ve got. It’s cutely decorated. The whole house was cutely decorated. And the gym. The pool table. And this is a little, where you would put your gun safe in there or something like that like a little private room. Again, all pore concrete. And then, and this is yet another bedroom with its own door to the outside. This is where you pull in, where you pull in to park right here. Watch this. See, there is my truck. So walk-out basement. Walk-out basements are brilliant. And there’s the deck above.

Well anyway. Here you go. So you’ve got a family member? They actually happen to have a teenager. Imagine that. Isn’t this perfect for a teenager? You’ve got your own access, a big closet, bathroom and then right upstairs and there you are with the rest of the family.

Okay so you’ve got the house right there. I’ve got a longer lens on here. I hope I’m not going to make you noxious with the movement. There’s the horse barn. I’m going to show you the inside next, and now here’s your front yard. Everybody’s got a dream. How about this for a dream?

Right at the end of this field so where the horses are, right at the end of that field if you go downhill, and there’s places to sit and everything. I’m not going to go out there today. You’re going to have to call and Ken will take you out there. It’s 430 foot of river frontage on the Kentucky River. 430 feet river is right down there and it’s beautiful. It’s a navigable river. Okay, so remember, remember where you are here. Here’s the house. You just come right on over here and this is the horse barn. In the front of the house barn is an apartment which rents for a good amount and stays full all the time because who wouldn’t want to live out here. And rentals are really tough around here. They are hard to find. Anyways this stays full all the time, good income.

Now we’re going to jump in the Kentucky Horse Barn and this is the apartment right here and that’s where that two bedroom apartment is and there’s plenty of storage above it as well. Those are sliding doors right there and then of course you’ve got doors, you can walk you animals in this way. Those are sliding doors that open up. You can bring tractors and things in. The stalls are just really amazing actually. There is enough wood in these stalls to build a whole house. They have these special U-tracks and here’s the power box. It’s all 200 amps and it’s put in by Randy Horn, a good friend of mine. He does all this industrial and commercial electric. He did the power work here so you know it’s done right.

Back to the horse stalls. Wanted to show you all of the stalls. These are all, like it’s all galvanized. So it’s iron and then you’ve got the wood in the channels so if a horse get rambunctious and knocks out one of those panels, it’s not a big deal. There’s feed lot there and then cross fence so you can bring the animals out of both sides. But this is done right. These stalls are not cheap as you know. It’s the real deal, the real McCoy.

Here we’re done. We’re going to wrap it up. You need to come and see this property. It’s special. It is not your everyday, average run-of-the-mill kind of place. The privacy, the seclusion, it’s tucked away. This property, being on the Kentucky River, you just need to come see it. Give us a call.

One more quick thing here on my exit out the driveway. There are the two barns that are part of the property. Here’s all the alfalfa pasture over here but one thing I wanted to point out. Everyone who is in horses knows about Lexington, Kentucky the horse capital of the world right. So everyone wants to be in Lexington. Well if you are in that million dollar or just under budget range, you’re going to realize in Lexington you don’t get very much. You get a beautiful house but you might get ten or twenty acres. If you want the land, if you want the income, like you can get out here, you’re going to want to take a look at this place. You get a lot more for you money and you’re just what, thirty, forty minutes away depending on what part of Lexington. So drive thirty minutes get five or six times the land, ten times the land. Get just as nice a house. Get the privacy. You cannot equal this in Lexington. There is nobody here. Okay. There is one house here. Let me show you. Just that one house and it’s in a different County. So come on here, Get a lot more for your money. This house will save you so much in heat bills and you’ll have the income. Plus it’s a really nice town. Harrisburg’s lovely. Lots of jobs, lots of growth and just a bunch of nice people. Good culture out here. It’s a very gentle culture.

Alright. Thanks for watching. Phone number is right here. Give us a call. If you like it, come on in. Let’s take it off the market before someone else grabs this Kentucky Horse Property.

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