Kentucky Horse Properties Dunn Hill Farm

Kentucky Horse Properties Dunn Hill Farm


If you are looking for incredible Kentucky horse property with top-of-the-line land, just 30 minutes from Calumet, Lexington’s airport and all the gorgeous horse farms up in Lexington this is the place, let me tell you, take this place… now if this was in Lexington take this place and lop off a one off the front and that’s exactly what you’ve got here. You talk about a value, price is what you pay value is what you get – 62 acres this Kentucky horse farm property is wonderful.

The house – understated elegance, it’s not too big, it’s not too goopy… you know you see some of these houses they’re just over-the-top goopy and you just can’t imagine yourself living in there long-term. This house is just 2100 – 2200 square feet, plus it’s got a full basement, it looks like just a brick ranch from the outside, wait till you see inside, it’s every bit as nice, or nicer than some of these other schwanky houses in the neighborhood.

This place here… it just sold 6,000 acres, and I don’t have to tell you what the house looked like there, amazing.

Well this house is right in the ballpark quality-wise, layout-wise and land wise. The barn’s right over here, it’s got I think 10 stalls, we’re going to go look at it, don’t quote me on that yet, but I think it’s got 10 stalls, everything is manicured to within an inch of its life.

Look at the horses in the fields, you can see all your Kentucky horse property course. This knoll rises up and over, you go on the other side of that, 62 acres is a pretty big drink of water.

You got a lot of nice road frontage, paved driveway, on and on, but the house is spectacular they’ve just put six figures into the house for remodeling and decor, and you can see why. They put a big addition on the back, here is…there’s the horse farm, we’re going to go down inside, but it’s got all lightning rods, so it’s lightning -protected, and then just past there, there’s another little barn, that’s not on the property, in fact there’s a little driveway just this side of that little barn, and that’s the end of the property that goes out to another big farm in the back.

So you’re surrounded by all big beautiful Kentucky horse property farms here. This is top top top of the line land here, just as every bit as good as Lexington, 30 minutes away, heck you know it takes a hour and a half to drive, two hours to drive around Lexington from one end to the other if you got traffic. No traffic out here, you’re 10, 15 minutes to a Walmart supercenter, you’re three minutes, I was going to say four minutes, you’re three minutes to a little country store you know …convenience store, the little country is a little Amish bulk foods place called Country Cupboards, it’s our favorite place, in fact we just ate lunch there.

You got a big old tobacco barn that used as a shop, there’s another workshop attached on the side, it’s all fenced, cross fenced, all-black board, Oak and Poplar, Craig Myrtle there, Rose of Sharon down there, it’s got those heirloom type flowers…so pretty.!

So you live the Kentucky horse property lifestyle and you have horses and then you get a little bit older like me and you start asking your wife, it’s like “Is this sustainable, can we afford to live like this forever?” And the answer is here, yes, because again you’ve got a whole set up just like as if this was in Lexington where all the super-duper horse farms are, and, but… it’s got a one off the front. You know what I mean by that, right, this would be a million and three quarter, $2 million property, but it’s not here. And Harrodsburg’s a wonderful place, Mercer County is amazing, some of the best soil in the state.

You’ve got a two-bay garage here…and then sun porch on the back, party deck if you will.

I’ve got this real wealthy friend and he drives a Buick, I said “Jim why aren’t you driving something more suited to your… your income?”

He said “It’s all about understated elegance…”

That’s exactly what this property is about, understated elegance. So what does he do? He goes and he buys a Corvette, top-of-the-line…and he looks great in it, but what does he do? He buys another Buick so he doesn’t have to drive the Corvette all the time, “… cause sometimes you just don’t want to be that flashy.”

So this is all what this property is about, understated elegance. It’s got all the elements that you need, all the elements that you want without the price tag.

You know you want quality, this is quality. This land, Dan can tell you more about it. What kind of land this is, but this soil here is some of the best soil in the state.

You got all these fields here….

Property line goes up to that tree line and then goes all the way in the back. It rained last night so we didn’t get a chance to bush-hog that field. That’s okay, I’m going to drive you all the way up in the back and show you all the rest of fields and the ponds… and there’s water tanks everywhere…there’s frost-proof water tanks.

You come up that beautiful curvy drive, and of course the barn’s over there, and you come up to this coach light. How pretty is that? And then this porch on the back…

And you…you’re going to either use the garage or you’re going to come in this way. This is the way I would come in, so I’m going to bring you in that way.

Now this goes down to the basement and I’m going to show you that later too. Let’s just go on inside.

First thing you’re going to notice is the black marble for you to wipe your feet, take your boots off, and then you’ve got this gorgeous ash floor, check out… this house is nicely decorated, I mean rarely do we get a house that is… got the perfect land and well-decorated, built well, all that stuff, the whole package, this is a whole-package house. Now we’ve had some great houses that have been built great or great land or great decorating, but not often you get one that’s that way altogether.

So this is the back of the house, the old house. This is all addition done super well as you can see. Wouldn’t you just live out here? I know I would.

They got their computer out here, and then you’re overlooking all the fields and your horses. Look at that… I think I’d spend a ton of time out here for sure.

Then you come in to the main body the house. This was the original house, the whole width, so obviously the walls were taken out, so on and so forth and everything is done properly, that’s where you get six figures so you got six figures in the renovation of this place.

Wood stove…love wood heat, anybody who’s ever heated with wood, it’s just a good heat, it goes all the way into your bones. So you got wood heat, power goes out…thumb your nose, you got wood-heat here if you want it.

It’s got a geo-thermal heat system downstairs so it’s… you’ve got…that’s the top of the line heating system around here. So you’ve got geothermal heat pump and then you’ve got wood as a backup or vice versa.

Isn’t this beautiful? I mean just beautiful!

So all these amenities that you’d have in a super high-end house in a super high-end area…when I say “super high-end area” this is what I mean, and you have it right here out in the country but 30 minutes to the airport.

This is…all the appliance stay, thank goodness, because this is setup properly.

This is a double convection oven…don’t let my wife see that, she just loves convection ovens, if you’ve ever had one you know why, and both of these are convection.

It’s got top-of-the-line Maytag, this one is stainless steel ball bearings shelves slide out, wine glasses, the whole thing.

This a copper hand-hammered, copper farm sink, it’s got apron in the front, it’s just beautiful. All the fixtures, hand-rubbed bronze.   The faucets, the doorknobs et cetera, and it’s got one of these new fancy-dansy refrigerators, which is really, really beautiful. I need a new refrigerator for sure.

So here…look at this, the accent island and here and… let me show you… all fancy drawers with the slow close. I don’t know who made them but… look at that, real dove-tail deal.

And you got this accent island here, and this is all granite.

And it’s got this genie down-draft, how nice is that? So it can pull steam and all that stuff down out of here and it’s got this pot filler right here, if you turn this handle on then water comes out…just so you know. Ask me how I know.

So here we are in the great room, you talk about great room, well this is great. It is at least 25, six, seven, eight feet wide this way and it’s almost square, so you’ve got maybe 24 by 28, I’m guessing, just ask Dan, but this goes right out the garage, and this is just a garagey garage…these people are moving so that’s why it looks like this. So you can imagine your two vehicles in there. And then this goes down to the basement which I’ll show you later.

Let’s look at the house cause this is the sexy part, might as well keep on in the sexy stuff right.

Entertaining, please, this is the entertaining house.

So here’s the front door, this is all like bevelled glass right, and you come on in…beautiful hand-rubbed bronze, you come in and this is what you’re greeted with, it’s really beautiful, I mean really beautiful and tastefully decorated…wonderfully decorated.

Horse stuff everywhere…people are horse breeders so they breed, they raise, they sell, they race, et cetera. And you know how horse people are, you’re probably a horse person right now looking at this property, maybe you want to be a horse person. You know how horse people are, they want things right, they want things done properly.

Look at this, look at this art work, just beautiful.

Coat closet there of course. Now of all this ash floor, isn’t it gorgeous?

It’s as durable as oak, as hard as oak, looks different, it’s a different color, almost… think of like oak as American and think of Ash with a French look and then there’s some of this old more figured wood here. To me this old looking stuff is just spectacular.

So you’ve got the bifolds on both sides, this is your storage…this is washroom dryer. Recently redone…here, this is marble, that’s the old-style marble, the old-timey look.

Here’s bedroom number one, double closets…

Most people when I come in through the house they say “Don’t open the closets or I’ll have to… you know…” so please don’t tell her that I opened the closets.

Hunter ceiling fans, look at that. Hunter has the best stuff, they’ve got this vintagey looking stuff all the time.

This is a more compact bedroom, but it’s plenty big…that’s a double or a queen, and again it’s got…it’s got double closets. You want to make it convenient for family to stay, but you don’t want to make it too comfortable that they never want to leave, right?

When you talk about tastefully decorated, Oh, there’s hunt scenes and horses everywhere. I know you’re not buying the decor but it gives you an idea of what people are like and it’s a nice feeling cause we don’t buy things, we buy feelings, right?

Then you got really compact bathroom here, but it’s full. You’ve got a shower, hopper and a sink…here is just an awesome spot right off the master bedroom. Now what could you do with this out here? You could put a hot tub out there, so you walk through the office.

You got a big deal here, again overlooking all your paddocks, and then a full office right off the master bedroom.

Now here’s a cool thing, this has obviously been added on, so this was a lean-to or carport… not carport but you know like a little porchy thing. Tiling on the floor but they put this little heater in here and it is electric and I am going to be so bold to assume that that heater heats this out here enough, I bet it does cause it’s protected all on this side…look at there huh! That’s what Kentucky is all about.

Alright, let’s run downstairs…Oh, did I mention that the barn is all lightening protected? So you’ve got lightening rods on the barn, you got lightening rods on the house as well, and that’s a big deal, you don’t want to hear the story about the time I got struck by lightning, but I did, it wasn’t a big deal, just a little tingle. But sitting at my desk, so I’m on the phone…crack, it was really close obviously and I got a zap, maybe ten times more than an electric fence. But I hollered to my wife, I said “What’s our health deductible and how much does it cost to put lightening rods on the house?” And that’s exactly what we did, this house has got it already.

Now you can’t do that half-baked, you have to be a certified lightening suppress…suppression, so if you’ve had it done…I wanted to do it myself, but indeed you cannot do it, you have to have a licensed person do the whole thing, and I’m glad they did cause they did a great job, they knew what they were doing. It’s kind of a big deal, you want the safety, you want it done right, the whole house has got it and the barns too.

Fireplace down here, talk about man cave or bar down here, a place to just come and hang out, it is fantastic! It’s all been waterproofed and it’s got the French drain and that’s got a warranty on it and what they do is they cut the floor so far in, put all stone in there and then at the lowest part they put the sump in here, and so if any water does come in, it goes right to there, and of course you won’t have any problem here. Again, here’s another basement, you can smell it, there’s nothing, nothing damp down here at all. Got the dehumidifier running, but it’s…it’s just as dry as can be.

Here’s the …the geothermal system, which is really cool and what this does is it pumps fluid down into the earth, and …so the earth’s always at 58, so the principle of it is that you’re only heating from 58 to 70, or you’re only cooling from whatever it is ambient you know 80 in the house…you’re cooling with 58 degree water or fluid so…how cool is that? So it’s really efficient and I would…I don’t know what the electric bill is here is on average, I’ll put it here if I know, but it’s the cheapest system you can get by the month. It’s the most expensive system to put in, but then it’s the cheapest to run for the life of the…of the unit.

Well I mentioned before that if you’re a horse person dot dot dot…well if you are a horse person, you’re delighted with this house but you really want to see what the barn and paddocks are like, so I’m going to take you out there right now, come on, let’s go out.

Six…62 acres, and I’m going to show it all to you so that you know exactly what you’re getting before you make the trip in to see this property.

So then the house is just right up here on the left, so we’re just going to walk on down, mosey on down to the barn. Full electric service just for this barn right here, so the house and that black barn is on one electric service and this is on a whole nother electric service…

Road’s out there so you got good visibility if you want visibility for your horses…if you’re in the horse business you probably want visibility right?

They’ve got a manure spreader right there, they got a little tractor and wagon and all that stuff and there’s hay up in the mound and lights are on.

I mentioned to you about the separate electric service, it’s just…you just get the minimum charge, like $21 cause it’s just some lights on. I’m going to show you all the stalls inside, just beautiful, you’re going to love it for your horses, I don’t care what kind of horses you’re raising, you’re going to love it.

There’s the house right there. We come inside this barn and I realize that these stalls are made out of white oak which is what…the same wood that the bourbon barrels are made out of…this is white oak, not red oak, and you got poplar inside here, but how pretty!

You got pavement on the bottom, so that’s…it’s softer that concrete on the horses legs. All water, city water everywhere on the farm…waters … watering tanks, frost-proof…

You got hay in this one and then hay above, let’s count them here…we got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11…this is a falling stall, so you got 11, and the falling stall’s obviously double-sized right. So we got 11 regular… well 11 regular stalls, one’s a double. You want to call it 11 or you want to call it 12, that’s up to you but that’s what you got.

Tack room here…  Countertop, this is great, great, great space. And upstairs…frost-proof hydrant there..

You got another room in here…concrete floor, so you can store stuff that you want to keep up off the ground, feed and stuff like that…and you’ve got the tack room there. Neat as a pin, by the way, neat as a pin.

Little door there, little tiny door so you can get your skids to your loader or whatever. Let’s go look at it.

Aha! Old machine shed out here. Look at this…yaa! I like that. And electric, there’s lights out here so you can see what you’re doing…like that.

See the jars…the mason jar or fruit jar, lights, whatever you want to call them? There you go…

Okay, so there’s the tack room, I came out here, there’s where the machine storage is and the machine shed, and I just came up the stairs a little bit, but full of hay, I can’t get up here much, but I did want to show it to you.

Got an elevator there, you can shoot it out the end or shoot it in the end…and all kinds of hay storage up there, you just drop it right on down and right into the stalls, or drop it into the middle and you know how to do it, but I just wanted to show you that, all that hay area up there. Fantastic!

Okay, we just came up over this hill, you can see the roof of the house if you look real close, and then the roof of that barn where the truck is, then we just came over this field and into this field. Absolutely gorgeous, pure heaven, and it’s not this line, that field back there is yours too. So back there at that tree row all the way to the back there is all your property.

This is a clover field but it needs to be re-seeded, but you can imagine how much clover you can pull out of here. That fenced-off up there, that’s a pond, that probably needs to be dipped out, that’s not a big deal, we have guys who do that here, and then there’s a water tank right below it which means it’s probably plumbed right out there, that way it keeps the animals out of the…out of the ponds, there’s another pond here. Again, that field isn’t mowed yet, it’s a little scruffy looking, but that’s okay, Dan can show you the quality of the land.

Here we are all the way in the back of the property and this is your back line here, all board fence everywhere and then there’s the barn and I’ll just give a zoom in there. Look at how beautiful that is, you’re back here quite a ways.

Okay, and here we are almost all the way in the back, here’s the back corner…back corner line, and remember I told you at the end of that fence was a driveway to another farm, well there’s that driveway, it goes right up alongside here, in fact you can probably see the gravel there. And then there’s the house…see the house right there, and then the other barn and the horse trailer, and then where we were when we looked at that field with the pond in it was over on the other side, but isn’t this just gorgeous, I don’t know if you’re like me, but I don’t like to see all my land at once, I like to see what I want to see and then still have adventures over on the other side. Well this is one of those farms.

Well we’ve been driving all around here, and we’re not in the back yet, this is not the back line, the tree row back there is the back line. So you’ve got all of this area here for hay, which this is not hay obviously, but you’ve got all of this area for grass or hay or you can move the line back and do whatever you want, but we’ve been driving and driving and driving, this is the biggest 62 acres I’ve ever been on. You go this back line here goes up and over and clear on the other side farther than you can see there on that…you go…the property line actually goes over the hill there quite a bit.

There’s the big horse barn, like I say, we’ve been driving and driving, so you come on down, Dan will show you this farm and he’ll drive you all around as well, you’ll get to see every square inch of this Dunn Hill Farm.

So there you have it, this is all getting black-board fenced like in a week or two, so that’ll be done.

This is all board fenced…this is…Oh, and it goes all the way down to where that…that shed is down there okay. The property goes there and then actually goes at an angle…at an angle straight…straight back there.

Understated elegance right here at Dunn Hill Farm. This is Dunn Hill Farm, a Kentucky horse property. Call Dan, the phone number’s right here 859-319-0866.

Thank you for watching these videos of Kentucky horse farm property as always!

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